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We have received a bunch of questions on which software to use for the eBooks we provide or how to open them. So we have decided to provide you all the resources you will need to open the eBooks provided by us.

All the eBooks provided by us are in a .rar archive and it normally contains PDF file (the actual eBook). Some of the eBooks have different formats like ePub, Mobi, Djvu, etc. instead of a PDF file. But no worries. Just use the following software for extracting the eBooks from the archive and reading the eBooks in various formats.

For extracting the files:

  1. 7zip (Recommended)
  2. PeaZip
  3. Winrar (Paid)

For PDF Format:

  1. Adobe Reader
  2. Foxit Reader (Lighter than Adobe Reader)

For ePub Format:

  1. Adobe Digital Editions (Recommended)
  2. Firefox Plugin

For Mobi format use Mobipocket Reader.
For Djvu format use DjVuLibre+DjView.

If you want to view all the formats in one reader and want to organize all your eBooks at one place without any hassle then try Calibre. You can view almost any eBook format with this reader.

These are the only software you will need to read any eBook provided by us and all the mentioned software and plugin are free except Winrar.

If you have issue in extracting or reading the eBooks which we have provided then just comment here or you can always contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you.
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gnsharma said...

how to download free download books. when i click on free download link its going to just cloud account but i don't understand the way to download the file. please help me

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

We are sorry for the inconvenience. You are getting redirected to some other site because (where the files were previously stored) has shutdown their service. Hence, you cannot download it with that link anymore. However, you can just comment on the book you want whose link is not working and we will add the new links as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Mirika Gray said...

i was trying to download the All Souls Trilogy from the free download link and got the JustCloud redirection, are you able to repost link please, cheers and have a good day

Anonymous said...

Hi Bavesh, could you please post the password for the file GMAc_Official_Guide_for_GMAT_Review_13th_edWiley_2012.rar im not able to extract.... CRC error.

Great Work Yaar.

T Patel

PlentyofeBooks said...

@T Patel
I think you downloaded the book from somewhere else. The link provided by us doesn't have any password. Most probably the book you downloaded is fake.

You can get the correct book from here.

Chris Caracciolo said...


any chance you can give more step by step directions to convert .rar files into .mobi files. I am having trouble doing so. Just downloaded Truth Lies and Advertising which is .rar and don't what to do with it from there. Please help. Thank you.

PlentyofeBooks said...

.rar files are archive files. This means that several files are packed, or you can say compressed, in an archive. All the books provided here are in .rar format. So first you need to extract the archive through one of the softwares listed above under the heading 'For extracting the files'

Once you extract, you will get all the files contained in it (PDF, ePub, Mobi, etc). The book you downloaded contains a PDF format.

Anonymous said...


Would just like to say that i'm very glad I stumbled upon this website recently. It's a treasure trove. However, is it possible to update some of the download links? Many of them aren't working. May I recommend Mega as a possible hosting site?

Thank you so much for all the effort and time you put into maintaining this website. Really appreciate it!

PlentyofeBooks said...

First of all thanks very much for the appreciation. Now we don't concentrate on file hosts anymore because they come and go pretty fast and all of us, including you, suffer from it. We now concentrate more on torrents now.

The books posted before 25th Dec 2012, will mostly have dead links and they will not be updated. However, we have made an All-in-One Torrent (link to download is in Step 3) which contains all the books posted before that date. So the dead links problem for old books gets solved here.

Now for the books posted after that date, those books have individual torrent links along with the 2 file hosts and 4 multi mirror links.

We concentrate on torrents more because torrents 99% of the time will never go dead. So the book is always available to you :a

If you need any help in downloading from torrents, ask us without any hesitation :a

Anonymous said...

I cannot download 50 Shades Darker -- tried many different ways... Any direction appreciated.

PlentyofeBooks said...

Please check our All-in-One Torrent to get all the books you need. Link to torrent is in Step 3.

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