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So you don't know how to download our books from Torrents? Don't worry... Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading the books from a Torrent.

  1. You will need to download a BitTorrent client or software to download the books from the torrent. We recommend you to download µTorrent. Just get the free version.

  2. Install µTorrent with default settings.

  3. Now that you have installed µTorrent, it's time to download the books. We are taking the example of All-in-One torrent. The procedure is same for rest of the torrents.

  4. Now watch this video for rest of the process.

Note: While Seeding (explained in video), DO NOT move the directory or folder to anywhere or else it will not seed and give you an error.

If any of the eBook is asking for a password, then either try plentyofebooks or

That's all. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask us.

Keep studying and make your parents and loved ones proud :)


P77 said...

where is torrent link ?????

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

Please check Step 3 P77 :i

Anonymous said...

Great! Will seed!

Anonymous said...

Bhavesh I am not able to download....can u help.


Bhavesh Pamecha said...

Sure.. Just tell me what issue you are facing :d

Anonymous said...

This video could have been helpful, but the music is distracting (at the very least!). If someone is going to take the time to make what appears to be a great tutorial, why imbed it with that noise?!!! Shame, just a shame.

Thank goodness I have experience with torrents or I would be completely lost.

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

We are very sorry buddy. Actually, the surprise deadline was so near that we couldn't find better music that is free to use. We did find one of Mariah Carey which was related to Christmas but there was no Creative Commons. Hence, we finally had to use one of the pre-approved audio given by YouTube.

If you can suggest some better music, specially for tutorials, then it would be great.

Thanks for your very honest feedback :a

Anonymous said...

The steps help a lil more than the video but thanx 4 the time spent. I'm a complete beginner 2 torrents n I'm still lost.

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

I am sure you will get used to it after some uses. Just let us know if you need any help :a

JENN T. said...

anoying music...

Anonymous said...

Im following the steps on how to download ebooks from Torrent. Im on step 4, but don't see a video for the rest of the process. I've restarted my computer but still no video.

This is the first time I've ever heard of torrents and I'm confused.
I've been directed to different sites like cloudshare to download and downloaded real player that has the tutorials. However, I desperately need the ebooks or pdf files for the Official Guides for GMAT 13th edition, Official Guides for GMAT Verbal 2nd ed and Official Guides for GMAT Quantitative 2nd edition. Please HELP!


Bhavesh Pamecha said...

Hello Heather,

I wonder why you can't see the video. Please check the video directly on YouTube and if you still can't see the video, then there is a strong possibility that you have a problem with your browser.

Steps to take:

1. Make sure you are using compatible browser.
2. Check if any add-on or extensions are blocking the videos. Something like Flash Block type of add-on.

About the existing links to download:

Please DO NOT click any link which states 'Free Download', Free eBook Download', 'Download from RapidShare', 'Download from Mediafire' or just 'Mediafire' because those links won't work anymore.

The new links are in big colorful buttons. If any of those links want you to download any software, then just DON'T download it and report us. You do not need any software to download the book unless otherwise mentioned (in this case uTorrent).

We completely understand why you are confused but I am sure you will get used to it :d
Do let us know if your problem is solved or still persists.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bhavesh,

I went to youtube and watched the video for the rest of the process. However, it didn't say what I do next. I went to featured content on the torrent download but it popped up some 4 hour chef media that I dont want. Question is I saw the video and now what do I do?

Pleasantly Confused,
Heather :j

Plenty of eBooks said...

Hello Heather,

No worries. I will explain you once again.
I assume that you have installed uTorrent and download the all-in-one torrent file (link in step 3).

The video actually explains how to download the actual files inside that torrent file. Once you have download the torrent file (it will have a green icon), double click it. uTorrent will open and you will see a similar window that you see in the video at the very start.

Select the files you want to download and click ok and the download will start. The files are categorized in different alphabetical folders.

The mistake you did:
Ok the mistake you did is that you download a different torrent file. You have to download the one provided in Step 3 here. The other torrent files which you see are individual files and not does not contain all the books.

I suggest you, once again, first open the torrent file provided in Step 3 and follow the video as it is exactly the same.

Let us know if you still need help :a

Anonymous said...

This is what is coming on clicking on the link in the 3rd step:

Torcache is a free service for caching torrent files online.

The torrent you are looking for can not be found on the system, if you want to, you can add it to the cache.
Or you can use magnet link to download.

What does that mean? I have torrent downloaded.
Please reply asap

PlentyofeBooks said...

Check the link again. It should be working fine now. After downloading the torrent, double click it and follow the instructions provided in the video.

Anonymous said...

The link is alive? great thanx for sharing books for free? it's a real present ) I can't understand people who are not satisfied with the sound in the video.Does it really matter? The main point is to explain for beginners how to download the precious file FOR FREE, and instead of gratefullness they blame admins?So let them turn the music down and that's all. So I think great shame to them - to the Anonimus from January 1, 2013 at 7:30 AM and the like. Be tolerant and grateful, guys ))

PlentyofeBooks said...

We can understand your feelings but it is sometimes good to have such comments (like the bad music) because it will help us improve and get to know what YOU guys like so that we can provide better things in future :a

Anonymous said...

this is a lot of bulls***t. This is what page 77 contains :

If you like this book, buy it!

PlentyofeBooks said...

Can you please tell us which book contains this..

Tuytuy said...

µTorrent tells me the link is "not valid bencoding" ?!
what should i do ?

PlentyofeBooks said...

Try these solutions:

1. Download the torrent file once again and try.
2. If above doesn't work, then upgrade uTorrent to latest version and try.
3. If you already have latest version then downgrade to older version like version 2.x.x

This error comes when the torrent file is corrupt but we downloaded the torrent file again and checked in v3.2.3 and all was working fine.

Let us know if the problem persists.

Anonymous said...

It works fine under Transmission on Mac..if a little slow because it has to download the ENTIRE 15 GB

PlentyofeBooks said...

The speed may be slow due to some server problems these days. You can though try instead of downloading entire 15GB at once, you select say folder 'A' and get those files first and then folder 'B' and so on :a

Anonymous said...

Great idea to make one torrent!! but I tried to find ''The tao of badass'' and it wasn't there... I hope you could help me a little.... Thanx anyway and great job with all these books... :)

PlentyofeBooks said...

We have replied on the original post of the book and thanks for the appreciation :a

We are always there to help :a

Anonymous said...

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green isn't in the torrent, so how exactly do I download it?

PlentyofeBooks said...

Search for The_Fault_in_Our_Stars. Its not properly sorted because of the underscore.

Anonymous said...

hello admin, i have been follow the steps in the video tutorial. its succed but dunno why i cant open the book. seems like the pdf is damage or something. the title is "its not how good you are, its how good you want to be" please help! thanks

PlentyofeBooks said...

Did you got any error while extracting the files. If yes, then re-download in completely. If no, then read further.

The book is a scanned copy which will often require the latest version of Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. If the latest version doesn't work, then try reading it with Foxit Reader v4.2.0

If none of the solutions work, then please provide the exact error you get.

Anonymous said...

When I get through the link on step three, I get through all the steps shown in the video but when it comes to selecting a book it is shown as a media or mp3 file instead of a book or pdf file.

Is there something I am doing wrong? Or is something setup wrong?

PlentyofeBooks said...

Well that's a bit awkward at first.

Make sure you downloaded the correct torrent file weighing around 1.24MB.

And secondly, when you open the torrent, in the list you will find RAR files and not any PDF directly as all the books are archived in RAR.

Let us know if the problem still exists and it would be great if you can provide us the screenshot of what you see after opening the torrent.

Anonymous said...

I already have uTorent on my laptop; what should I do?

Most of the time am directed to download one software or the other after clicking any of the various download options.

PlentyofeBooks said...

Click on the link in Step.3 named 'All-in-One torrent'. Wait for a couple of seconds and the .torrent will start downloading or the browser will ask you where to save the .torrent file. There is no other software required to downloaded for getting any of the books from here.

Now just double-click that .torrent file you downloaded and the follow the instructions provided in the video.

If you are talking about other books, then only the new books posted after 25th Dec 2012 will have individual torrent links whereas the old books doesn't have any individual torrent link because we have already added all of them in this All-in-one torrent.

Let us know if you have any trouble downloading the books.
Thank you :a

arun raj said...

I have utorrent in my laptop how to download the book and where is the torrent link :b
I'm not getting it

PlentyofeBooks said...

The torrent link is in Step 3 with name 'All-in-One torrent' in red color. Once you download the torrent file, double click it and the uTorrent window will pop-up and then just follow the video :a

Anonymous said...

What is step 3? I put in and nothing came up under Utorrent. What does the all in one mean? The directions are not clear to me and I am used to using a torrent web site. I have watched the video several times and it give directions after it has been put into the utorrent, but not how to get to that point. please help!!! I would love to use this site...thanks

PlentyofeBooks said...

In step 3 there is a link to the torrent file named "All-in-One torrent" in red. Click that and save the file on your PC, then double click that .torrent file and uTorrent window will pop-up and then follow the video.

All-in-One torrent means in contains all the books posted before 25th Dec 2012. We made this torrent because of the problem of dead links.

Feel very free to ask if you need any more help :a

Macharla Suresh said...

Awesome job Brother....Thanks a lot....

Anonymous said...

Link from step 3 is dead:
502 Bad Gateway

When I'm trying to get it with "Save Link As..." is saving a 173 bytes file that is not working with uTorrent... "not valid bencoding"

As I read here the torrent file should be larger.
Can you please post it again?


PlentyofeBooks said...

That may be a temporary sever issue. Right now everything is working fine. The file size of torrent is around 1.2 MB. 'Save Link As' won't give you a proper file.

Let us know if the issue remains.

Anonymous said...

Now is working.
Thanks for your work.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
very great works, please may you add torrents for all your old ebooks?

PlentyofeBooks said...

Thank you for the appreciation. Adding individual torrents to old books is not possible. Its around 1500 books, so that would be making 1500 torrents. So we decided to make this all-in-one torrent :a

Anonymous said...

This may be a silly idea but WHy not just PUT the link up on the home page?
I still cant find it, the video wont play...

PlentyofeBooks said...

Link to the torrent is in step 3 in red color. Please check for your browser settings or check if any of the addons or extension like Flash Block is blocking the video.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply.
Few problems with the red link..
1 I click it; it open a new window;
A download window apear on top for a torrent.
Now for the fun part.

The name is something like this; 74A55D822EA03447E3BAFCEEED5B1B1D36EB464F_5.torrent

If I save that torrent; it saves but instantly gives a new popup torrent link that needs to be saved.It also open another tab on my browser. This is a loop that dont stop.
Every time you save it, it just add another.

Fine, I stop it, and go to one of the saved torrent files dubble click it to open.
Rightly, it opens Utorrent, but it instantly gives an error message.
Unable to load "blabla.torrent" :torrent is not valid ben coding!

Any advicement?
Thanks for the awesome service ^^

PlentyofeBooks said...

Ok... First of all you may have clicked the link multiple times which caused that loop. If you just clicked once, then it should be other issue.

I suggest you try in another browser. Click the link once. New tab will open. Don't click anything over there and wait for some seconds and the download will start or the browser will ask where to save the file.

Now remember that the torrent file itself is around 1.2 MB. So if the size is less then the download has not completed properly and you will get the same uTorrent error that you got before.

If the loop happens again after the first download, then try another browser. I tried from Chrome, Firefox and IE 10 and it works well in all.

And that big no. is actually the hash code of the torrent which you don't have to worry about.

Let us know if the problem persists and do let us know the browser and their versions. Also do check if you have any auto refresh plugin in your browser.

Anonymous said...

Firefox 20.0.1

culprits being:

Add-on Dap link checker
Add-on Dap extention
set to disable, everything works fine now.
My video also plays now.

Thanks for helping me figuring that out :-D

PlentyofeBooks said...

I knew there was plugin causing the issue. I am very glad that your problem got solved :s

Anonymous said...

although i have downloaded the torrent but the download isint starting
It is showing "connecting to peers ".
Please help..!

PlentyofeBooks said...

If you are trying to download every single book within the torrent, then you might have to wait quite a while till peers connect.

Also you might want to check if utorrent is not blocked by your firewall.

Anonymous said...

Very nice xD

Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Its on the "All-in-One torrent" red icon, just click on

Anonymous said...

Once I have the file downloaded and the file folder on my desktop. What do I open the file with? Adobe reader? When I do that it says the file is broken or something, but it does this with any ebook. What do I do now?

PlentyofeBooks said...

You first need to extract the files with Winrar or 7-zip software. After that, if the book is in PDF format, then you can open with Adobe Reader. If the formats are different like epub, mobi or djvu, then you need different softwares to open them. You can find the software links on our resources page.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

i downloaded the link in step 3 but my question is why dont my files show a small stack of books next to it it just shows a blank piece of paper i want to know when the file is done down loading what do i do with it ?

PlentyofeBooks said...

I didn't get your question. What do you mean by blank piece of paper? If you mean that the file you downloaded is not opening then you need uTorrent to open it.

Anonymous said...

sorry dude
but fight to win is not there in all-in-one torrent list.
can you please specify to which date the files are contained in torrent file.
Thank you

PlentyofeBooks said...

The all-in-torrent contains books posted before 25th Dec, 2012. Books published after that date, such as fight to win, have individual torrent links.

Anonymous said...

thanks for clarifying
appreciate it

flying armadillo said...

installed µTorrent fine but problem is the feed url is not a valid feed. the feed is-


PlentyofeBooks said...

You cannot download via a feed. You need a .torrent file do download. You can get that in the step 3 named All-in-one torrent for the books posted before 25th Dec, 2012 and for other books there are individual torrent links provided.

Aymen Dakhlaoui said...

Can you make a torrent at the end of every month that should contain all the new book that have been added on your website during that month so that we can have all the e-books of the website, for me i'll be seeding 24/7

PlentyofeBooks said...

Hello Aymen,

Unfortunately we have stopped posting torrents due to financial issues :(

Esther Preston said...

got it to download into Utorrent and all the books show up now but when I try to open a book it says cannot complete becasue of unknow file format

PlentyofeBooks said...

You will need winrar or 7zip to extract the books. Check our Resources Page for more info.

Let us know if you need more help :a

Anonymous said...

Coming from a person who's near blind, you are god to me. I can't thank you enough. :)

Kaveinthran Pulanthran said...

hi, I am planning to download your whole books. Could you kindly update your all-in-one torrent to include the books till the current? Your help is grately appriciated

Senslote Sareth said...

Does this have Persepolis: A Story of a Childhood, I really need this book. If not can someone add this book. Thank You in advance

Anonymous said...


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