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Inside Alix Ohlin Novel
Author(s): Alix Ohlin
Publisher: Knopf
Date: June 5, 2012
Pages: 532 in ePub format
Format: PDF, ePub
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0307596923
ISBN-13: 978-0307596925
Size: 3.05 MB


From the highly acclaimed author of The Missing Person and Babylon and Other Stories, a resonant novel of entwined lives and a woman with an unsettling ability to broach the innermost dynamics of the people around her.

When Grace, an exceedingly competent and devoted therapist in Montreal, stumbles across a man who has just failed to hang himself, her instinct to help kicks in immediately. Before long, however, she realizes that her feelings for this charismatic, extremely guarded stranger are far from straightforward.

In the meantime, her troubled teenage patient, Annie, runs away from home and soon will reinvent herself in New York as an aspiring and ruthless actress, as unencumbered as humanly possible by any personal attachments. And Mitch, Grace’s ex-husband, who is a therapist as well, leaves the woman he’s desperately in love with to attend to a struggling native community in the bleak Arctic. We follow these four compelling, complex characters from Montreal and New York to Hollywood and Rwanda, each of them with a consciousness that is utterly distinct and urgently convincing.

With razor-sharp emotional intelligence, Inside poignantly explores the many dangers as well as the imperative of making ourselves available to-and responsible for-those dearest to us.


Alix Ohlin’s wondrously engrossing Inside and Signs and Wonders display her characteristic strengths-dynamic plots, keenly observed settings, and characters so idiosyncratic, ambivalent, and contradictory they could be your family, your neighbors, people you work with... She has a rare gift for examining the confusions of the 21st century, exploring the ways in which addictions, afflictions, attractions, and random impulses shape our lives. Her intense and beautifully shaped new novel and stories offer tentative yet illuminating answers.

--Jane Ciabattari, The Boston Globe

A writer who should be famous... Ohlin has as unsettling an old soul as Leonard Cohen’s.

--T.F. Rigelhof, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

You can’t help but become invested in Inside. Ohlin displays a profound empathy for people at their least rational-and most human.

--Entertainment Weekly

A memorable read... consistently surprising, often devastating as the protagonists find themselves unable to share what’s on the inside.


Alix Ohlin is a crazy talented writer, smart and soulful. Inside is, in a word, stunning.

--Beverly Lowry

We’re lucky to live in a world with a writer as gifted and as graceful as Alix Ohlin. This book is instantly engrossing, engaging, and moving. I began to think I lived inside of this beautiful and absorbing novel, so real were her characters, so complicated and human their plights.

--Robin Romm

About the Author:

Alix Ohlin is the author of The Missing Person, a novel; Babylon and Other Stories; and Signs and Wonders, a new collection. Her work has appeared in Best American Short Stories, Best New American Voices, and on public radio’s Selected Shorts. She lives in Easton, Pennsylvania, where she teaches at Lafayette College.

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