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Step Guide Book Home Wiring
Author(s): Ray McReynolds, Elaine McReynolds
Publisher: Step By Step Guide Book Co
Date : 1989
Pages : 50
Format : PDF
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 0961920106
ISBN-13 : 978-0961920104
Size : 6.56 MB


All of the illustrations in this eBook show typical wiring methods, actual installations must be adapted to individual requirements, so follow national, state, and local electrical codes.

Step by step guide book co. has made every effort to ensure accuracy and reliability of the information instructions, and directions in this eBook.

This eBook contains:

  • How the home electrical system works
  • How to turn off the main power supply
  • The three ways to get power to your new wiring job
  • How the ground wiring works in plastic boxes
  • All about electrical wire
  • How to use wire nuts and screw terminals
  • How to install wiring in new walls
  • The most common measurements for outlets and switches
  • All about the ground wire
  • All about electrical boxes
  • Information on electrical codes
  • Standard electrical symbols
  • Watts used by different electrical items
  • How to find the cause of a short circuit
  • How to fix fluorescent light fixtures
  • How to wire boxes, fixtures and switches
  • Color coding of wires, screw terminals, etc.
  • All about switches
  • How to add new outlets to existing ones
  • How to wire doorbells and buzzers
  • Electrical box capacity chart
  • All about outlets
  • All about three-way switches
  • All about single pole switches
  • All about four-way switches
  • How to wire outlet and light with pull chain
  • How to wire outlet switch and light
  • Electrical Terms

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Anonymous said...

This book has been deleted.

Sam Sexy said...


Re-uploaded :a

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sam Sexy! Suitable for DIY home wiring.

Anonymous said...

great book and easy to follow

Anonymous said...


This file has been DELETED

Can you re-up. Thanks

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

Re-uploaded :a

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the file this morning and it couldn't be found on MediaFire. Can you please re-upload?

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

Sure, its re-uploaded :a

Anonymous said...

This link is dead.
Can you re-upload,so we can download?

Anonymous said...

This link is dead.
Can you re-upload,so that we can download.

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

RapidShare link working fine. Most of the other links were dead and they are not replaced with new links :a

Anonymous said...

Think its deleted??

PlentyofeBooks said...

Please check our All-in-One Torrent to get all the books you need :a
Link to torrent is in Step 3.

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