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Supply Chain Management
Editor(s): Pengzhong Li
Publisher: InTech
Date : April 2011
Pages : 600
Format : PDF
Language : English
Size : 18.07 MB


The purpose of supply chain management is to make production system manage production process, improve customer satisfaction and reduce total work cost. With indubitable significance, supply chain management attracts extensive attention from businesses and academic scholars. Many important research findings and results had been achieved. Research work of supply chain management involves all activities and processes including planning, coordination, operation, control and optimization of the whole supply chain system.

This eBook presents a collection of recent contributions of new methods and innovative ideas from the worldwide researchers. It is aimed at providing a helpful reference of new ideas, original results and practical experiences regarding this highly up-to-date field for researchers, scientists, engineers and students interested in supply chain management.

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vichai said...

can you re-upload please?
thanks in advance

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

Re-uploaded :a

vichai said...

Thank you sir! :q

Anonymous said...

link is gone

Bhavesh Pamecha said...

RapidShare link added :a

QUANG HUNG Tran said...

Can you re-upload the book "Supply Chain Management (In Teach). Thanks very much :a

PlentyofeBooks said...

Please check our All-in-One Torrent to get all the books you need. Link to torrent is in Step 3.

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