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Fundamentals Interior Design
Author(s): Simon Dodsworth
Publisher: Ava Publishing
Date : 2009
Pages : 186
Format : PDF
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 2940373922
ISBN-13 : 978-2940373925
Size : 14.13 MB


Throughout the text, guidelines are given to provide structure and the reader is encouraged to adapt and initiate methodologies to suit individual project needs. This approach is gives designers a belief in their own abilities, and confidence to tackle different projects with the unique challenges that each one brings. This eBook includes a variety of case studies taken from contemporary interior designers, including Jonathan Tuckey Design and Project Orange. It features a variety of diagrams and 'talking points' to get students thinking about key issues, and contains a section on ethics in interior design.


I think this is an excellent course book for students who are about to enter, or are considering entering a program of interior design for it touches lightly, but directly, on all aspects of the design process from inception to construction, as well as the modes and means of the production of designs. This book would be a terrific reference for students in preparatory courses and/or the first term in the course of study. The book is clear and the images relate directly to the issues discussed on each spread.

--Anita Cooney, Pratt Institute,USA.

About the Author:

Simon Dodsworth studied at KLC School of Design, where he gained an Honours Diploma in interior design. After graduating he worked as a freelancer on residential projects with established architects, and also formed his own design business. He was later invited to teach at KLC, where he is now Director of Interior Design.

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