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The Construction of Secret Hiding Places
Author(s): Charles Robinson
Publisher: Desert Pubns
Date : 1981
Pages : 42
Format : PDF
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 087947436X
ISBN-13 : 978-0879474362
Size : 1.02 MB


Almost everyone has some reason to hide something. Sometimes there is jewelry, seldom used but of sentimental value. A gun for self protection-in New Jersey where this is being written, it's easier to get an "illegal" gun than it is to get a "legal" one-so much for a commentary on gun control. Lots of folks don't trust banks anymore-the word "bank" by the way is derived from riverbank where people use to hide their money. In Russia right now they hide Bibles.

There are basically three types of people that you may be in need of securing your valuable items from. Type one is the amateur petty thief. This low life type works basically on opportunity. A door left open, something left lying around.

Type number two is the professional thief. This one plans his jobs well. He knows what he wants-exactly-and usually where it's kept. He usually keeps track of people's schedules and plots them and if he doesn't find what he thinks or knows is there he's likely to do a fairly thorough and methodical search.

Type three, is probably the most dangerous adversary that it is possible for you to cross paths with. Type three is an agent of the state. It is possible for this type to gain per-mission and muscle to poke his nose anywhere he likes. His power of search is legally restricted but once granted he liter- ally has carte blanche.

All methods of building secret hiding places revealed in this book were chosen for the ability to be readily adapted to different situations and in different and individual ways. The majority have been proven in actual situations and under actual and not simulated conditions, with the unwitting assistance of types one, two and three.

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Anonymous said...

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Bhavesh Pamecha said...

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unable to find this book in the torrent. links are also dead. If you have uploaded on torrent do tell in which section. Thank you in advance

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